Out of time

Feeling as if we were constantly short of time often prevents us from taking some time on our own in our everyday lives. My blog invites you to treat yourself to special moments and get away from your daily routine for just a few minutes. Such time outs may include reading a poem or a short story, contemplating a photograph or painting, comparing other people’s thoughts, experiences or feelings with your own, allowing memories and dreams to surface.

All of my posts are rather short, sometimes they just show a photograph or painting. Most of my texts are only available in German, sorry for that. At least I hope to speak a universal language with my photographs.

Copyright (texts and pictures) 2012-2020
Hanna-Maria Lembcke

3 Antworten zu “About

  1. I like this kind of poetry, and I think you are gifted to touch life and transcend it into syllables, which may bestow joy and happiness upon those whose hearts are tuned to the truth.

    With your permission, I shall return and have some more. 🙂

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